Sorteen Offers Top Stress-Free API System

Not all Application Programming Interface (API) software are created equal or have the same impact. Some are effortless to use while others can pose a few challenges. The use of APIs in the order fulfillment industry is ubiquitous. The service allows business owners to streamline and grow their operation, locally as well as internationally.

What is an API, and how does it work?

API is a software application that allows one system to communicate with each other. Essentially, it is the message-bearer that delivers a request and then takes back the response.

We took a look at Sorteen, ShipBob, Shipwire and Easyship, competitors in the order fulfillment industry, to figure out which provider offers the least hassle-free API software.

Ease of use

Our scrutiny of the four companies revealed that Sorteen topped the list with an API system that is easy to work with and is stress-free. And the company continues to increase the number of platforms that talk with its API software, making it easier for new partners to come on board.

This summary takes nothing away from the API services that ShipBob, Shipwire and Easyship offer.

The differences

Here are the differences we found among Sorteen from ShipBob, Shipwire and Easyship API software.


ShipBob, a fulfillment and storage provider for e-commerce merchants, uses two API programs: A “Privileged Access Token (PAT)” and an OAuth 2.0 process.

Users of API Access system:

  • Must be single-merchant or custom integrations
  • Must have an account before they can interact with ShipBob’s API. Accounts are free until physical inventory arrives, and the trial period does not expire.
  • Must request API credentials for the account holder

The Sandbox APIs is:

  • For general-purpose integrations or those listed on the company’s app
  • Provide an environment for in-depth testing. The API can simulate inventory on-hands, order processing, WRO processing, and return processing


Shipwire lists 16 API resources on its website. For example, the Carriers API manages supported carriers. Users can view, add or remove.

Shipwire also has APIs for Order, Purchase Order, Container, Validation, Stock, Business Reports, Rate, Receiving, Return, Product, Vendor, Warehouse, Webhook, Client libraries, Legacy XML API.


Easyship has APIs that make it easy for users to streamline their operations. The allows them to save money, take control of their fulfillment operations, and expand internationally.

They include:

  • Shipping API for worldwide shipping options
  • Choice of preferred shipping method and cost
  • Interaction with the Easyship platform from any interface.
  • APIs to pick rates, create shipments, download labels and track deliveries


Sorteen offers versatile APIs that work with most third-party interfaces, and can be automated. The company website at highlights the API protocols that help business owners:

Order API

    • Gives businesses unrestricted access to order information
    • Allows users to monitor, update, change or cancel existing orders or create new orders
    • Automatically reorders or place new ones
  • Allows selection of specific orders to get more information

Stock API

    • Monitors inventory and automates ordering, reordering or clearance of inventory items
  • Provide information about products, stock levels, and overall health of inventory

Returns API

    • Makes managing returned product easier
    • Offers comprehensive reports and provides information on what items customers return and the reason
    • Generates return labels, automating part of the process.
    • Manages postage, tracking, provides insight on trends, potential product issues
  • Notifies supplier/vendor when customers return products

Notifications API

  • Provides updates for specific order fulfillment events and certain workflow events
  • Helps track packages
  • Notifies business clients through text or email on certain events

Sorteen extensive list of APIs makes it a sure bet for business clients who want to take their business to the next level.

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